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B'Tselem declares the Jewish State Apartheid within all it's borders; the end of Liberal Zionism?

Golah veNekhar

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Oct 28, 2020
This explains a certain Irish interweb character's wrathfulness at the moment.

2020 was not a good year for "Liberal Zionism" due to the defection of Peter Bienart to the Bi-Nationalist camp who was really their "star" figure and that of Ian Lustick their major intellectual. A strange thing about the Irish interweb character in question is his defense of the Settlement movement on the West Bank which by creating "facts on the ground" has made the "two-state solution" basically impossible and so made Liberal Zionism an untenable position. There is a one state reality which is not going anywhere- the question now is what type of state will it be.

B'Tselem is the primary "Israeli" human rights group and has had such Zionist notables as the awful Amos Oz as members. Before this it has focused almost entirely on the so-called "territories" but this statement they have put out details the Apartheid policies of the Jewish State within the 1948 armistice lines.

Actually the labeling of the Jewish State as an Apartheid one goes back to 1962 before the Six Day War. It was made by Matzpam who wiki says were a break away from Maki (the "Israeli Communist Party") but actually were largely made up of people who had left Mapam, the most left wing Labour Zionist Party over it's policy of banning non-Jews from joining the Party after the ethnic cleansing of indigenous Palestinians from a large swathe of their land in 1961 triggered them to research the conditions and repressive measures against "Arab Israelis".

Matzpam could be dismissed as crazed Marxist Soviet agents (anti-Soviet conspiracy theories actaully became a Zionist staple after 1956- Matzpam were much more critical of the Soviet Bloc than either Maki or Mapam, sometimes rightly so and sometimes wrongly so) - B'Tselem cannot.

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