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Crime Editor of the Oirish Sun claims Far Right drove Garda to Suicide


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It drove you to Finland which was no harm . The failure to execute drug dealers is a good example.

And still I manage to address more people with any article I write than you ever could or ever will.

You want to shoot people, Val?

Why not start with yourself?

It would annoy me if I had to do it.

Says the man who was employed by the state to abuse people via Sean Doherty's 'Heavy Gang'.

Look at Michael Noonan TD.


There are high numbers of suicide due to drug abuse because the state will not alow me to execute dealers with a chainsaw.

Try hacking one of your own legs off first so we can see you in action: if you pass the audition we'll give you a start next Monday.

Her name was Brigid McCole, Val.

Say her name - say Brigid McCole, Val?

And yes, Noonan showed himself for exactly the ignorant bastard he's always been in relation to Mrs McCole's tragic death. But then you're exactly the sort to vote for cunts exactly like him, right? The state, its institutions, its coppers, its half-arsed political gangs. You spent most of your miserable life sucking at the teat of the Irish people, and now that you were booted out of AGS, you still have blood and veins in your teeth, you savage bastard.

Grab a chainsaw and use it to take your own fat head off, we'll soon see how much the world misses ypou, you ignorant sack of shit you.

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