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USA Great article on 5Pillars; "Long live the American redneck revolution!"

Golah veNekhar

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Usually Muslims are only interesting to indigenous Westerners if they are frothing at the mouth radicals or sycophantic careerist creeps like Sadiq Khan, or at least this is generally true in England, and 5Pillars basically represents ordinary Sunni Muslims so despite it's popularity it generally gets ignored however they do have very interesting pieces from time to time of general interest so it is worth looking at. The below piece I think makes a lot of points worthy of consideration for people in general.

".......Here was the centre of “American democracy” under attack by the Beverly Hillbillies. Hundreds of deranged Trump-supporting, anti-Muslim racists were trashing one of the U.S.’s most revered institutions – The Capitol.

This of course is the place where the U.S. Congress meets to rubber stamp wars and economic sanctions; the place where men and women in suits order others to kill and oppress.

The sanctimonious tones of the mainstream media made it even better. CNN were calling the events a “coup” and an “insurrection,” and the BBC and Sky News constantly reminded us that a free and fair election had just taken place. I bet they wouldn’t have said that if this were Russia, China, Iran or Venezuela.

Images of a bearded man in a Viking helmut sitting in the Speaker’s Chair made it all the more sweet. I personally consider this patriot to be the new President of the United States

......In the last two decades alone America has invaded, occupied or bombed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. It has also launched devastating economic warfare on Iran and propped up a number of dictators in the Muslim world who probably wouldn’t have survived without American help.

And let’s not forget the central role that America has played in the dispossession and subjugation of the Palestinians by effectively bankrolling Israel.

Moreover, these wars have been conducted by American presidents on either side of the political spectrum. George Bush the Republican destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan and Barack Obama the Democrat devastated Libya.

So no Muslim should be wishing America well because wishing America will means more suffering for the Ummah.

Yet sadly so many Muslims have joined the chorus of condemnation because of their no-doubt-justified hatred of Donald Trump as well as, frankly, their geopolitical naivety.

.....Trump’s supporters are also openly anti-Muslim and racist. They consider us to be devils and our religion to be from Satan (astaghfirullah). What’s more, they are thick as two short planks.

That said, I believe they have every right to question the recent election. In my view U.S. elections tend to be stolen well before Election Day by the role of money and lobbies. You just can’t become President without being bankrolled by special interests who control you behind the scenes.

But given the large amount of postal votes in this election many feel it was open to fraud in an unprecedented way. And given America’s history of lying at a state level, I do not recognise any U.S. election result unless international monitors are present at every single polling and counting station.

There are also many unanswered questions about how the seemingly unarmed (or lightly armed) rednecks managed to storm what should have been one of America’s most heavily-guarded buildings.

Everyone knew they were coming and Trump himself signalled it many times and well in advance. Yet the hillbillies easily stormed The Capitol building which seemed to have little visible security. Would this have happened if the protestors had been black or Muslims? Nope.

This makes me think that there must have been an element of orchestration – could the authorities have let these halfwits cause chaos for a while so that they could mount some kind of crackdown later?...."

Tadhg Gaelach

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An outstanding article, a chara. Every word true.

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