Hopes for Ireland to be almost fully open by July

1591795910281.pngThe Taoiseach has said that efforts are being made to revise phases four and five of easing Covid-19 restrictions in order to have the country "almost fully open" by the middle of July.

This includes an earlier than planned reopening of hairdressers and beauty salons, which under the current plans are due to reopen on 20 July.

Leo Varadkar said that work should be done "probably this week".

However, he warned that this depended on the virus remaining under control and there was always a risk it "might make a comeback".

Speaking on RTÉ 2FM's breakfast show, Mr Varadkar expressed his condolences to the families of all those who have died from Covid-19.

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One gets the feeling that this virus has run its course - very much like SARS and Swine Flu. Serious questions must be asked of the government in terms of just how necessary the lock-down was, and whether a more rational approach could have been adopted; one that wouldn't have wrecked the economy.